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From the triumph of The Lionesses and their ability to inspire thousands of young girls to businesses saying ‘pants’ to the period knickers tax, August was full of hot topics – here are our top three.

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Nationwide Building Society introduces domestic abuse support


This month, Nationwide Building Society introduced a Safe Space initiative offering discreet support to customers and employees experiencing domestic violence. Through this policy, people are able to use the bank as a safe environment to make calls to third-party experts and helplines to get the help that they need. The initiative has also granted specialised training to employees to help them provide support such as managing the finances of those who find themselves in a vulnerable situation.

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Morrisons teams up with NHS to issue cancer advice in underwear labels


Over the last year we’re starting to see brands take a more active role in consumer health, from toilet roll highlighting the symptoms of bowel cancer to the dozens of mental health awareness initiatives. Now, in partnership with the NHS, Morrisons rolled out labels in the first-of-its-kind underwear labels to encourage people to get in contact with their doctor if they spot any potential symptoms of breast or testicular cancer. The label includes a QR code which gives customers a direct link to the NHS website to find guidance and further information. This was the collaboration we never knew we needed but one that we think has the potential to make a real difference.

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Lego to sell bricks coded with braille to help vision-impaired children read


In partnership with blind organisations around the world, Lego has begun to sell bricks coded with braille to help blind and visually impaired children learn to read the touch based alphabet. Since 2020, the brand has worked hard to facilitate the learning of visually-imparied children via the use of a range of educational games and braille studs. This work has been highly praised by many including the European Blind Union who highlights that braille improves the literacy of visually impaired children and contributes to higher levels of education and employment oppurtunities for them. We know just how important it is for young children to have the facilities they need to be inspired to learn and love how this initiative has adapted to the challenges that these young people face to let them know that just like any other child – they are capable of anything.

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