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This month saw some major changes coming from the top, with the ruling against Heathrow’s third runway and a ban on sales of new petrol, diesel and hybrid cars from 2035. There were plenty of brands doing their bit too. Read on to discover some of our highlights…

Irn-Bru strikes a deal to run UK factories entirely on wind power


Irn-Bru manufacturer AG Barr has agreed a 10-year deal to power its facilities with 100% renewable electricity from Vattenfall wind farms. The energy will be supplied from various UK plants from Milton Keynes to Manchester. The deal comes after AG Barr committed to reducing its carbon footprint significantly by 2025. Forging this partnership has set them on the right track to achieve this goal and we’re excited to see what else they have in the bag. Read more here –

The Body Shop reduces barriers to employment with ‘open hiring’ initiative


The Body Shop has never been one to shy away from breaking traditions, so this latest initiative fits perfectly with its ethos. Starting this Summer, The Body Shop US will be the first large retailer to embrace an unconventional hiring practice called “open hiring.” This essentially means that the first person who applies for a job and meets the basic requirements will be offered the role. No interviews or background checks will be required. The new hiring process is the result of wanting to remove social bias and promote an ethical business model. Since the announcement, The Body Shop has been praised by many on social media, who believe the initiative is a positive step towards a more inclusive hiring process globally. Find out more here –

Sweaty Betty launches leggings recycling service


Keen to be green? Well you can now recycle your leggings with Sweaty Betty. The company has teamed up with global textile recyclers Soex to launch a new service which repurposes unwanted leggings. Customers can return used sportswear to store, where the items will be passed on for recycling or re-use. Sweaty Betty feels that it is not a “business of fast fashion”, and by introducing this initiative, it aims to increase the longevity of it’s garments. Whether items are rehomed in their current form or recycled into a new product, the scheme sets out to avoid items unnecessarily ending up in landfill. Discover more about the initiative here –

Tesco launches light, medium and dark plasters to match a more diverse range of skin tones


Last month, Tesco became the first UK supermarket to launch a plaster range for a broader range of skin tones. The plasters come in dark, medium and light shades and aim to better represent society. Tesco revealed the new range was inspired by an employee who highlighted a tweet in which a black man in California said he was ‘holding back tears’ at finding a plaster that matched his skin tone after 45 years. This was the prime opportunity for Tesco to lead the charge by launching a product which better represents people from different backgrounds and ethnicities. Find out more here –

Kellogg’s changes palm oil policy after sisters’ petition


In 2018, two sisters started a petition to stop brands from using unsustainably sourced palm oil and destroying forest habitats. Their petition gained rapid traction, receiving 780,00 signatures and in recent months it was brought to the attention of Kellogg’s. Following three meetings with the sisters, Kellogg’s announced that they’ve changed their entire global palm oil policy after being so moved by the young girls passion for saving orangutans. Going forward the global manufacturer has pledged to only use sustainable ‘segregated’ palm oil. Discover more here – 

Uefa hopes Disney magic can help inspire more young girls into football


And finally, a magical partnership between Uefa and Disney to encourage more girls into football. The new “Playmakers” project will debut this spring in seven European countries before being introduced across the continent. The initiative is aimed at girls aged five to eight years old, who are not currently playing football, and incorporates games involving popular Disney characters to give the sport some added sparkle. Uefa bosses hope the partnership will inspire a more active generation of football-loving girls. See here for more information –