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Last week research from Oxford University revealed that the majority of the articles on Wikipedia about places around the world are written by contributors from just five countries. As the Guardian puts it, our view of the world is being written by the west.

The same is often true for brands whose global comms campaigns originate from Europe and the US. It’s worryingly common for big budget global campaigns to be built on little more than instinct and enthusiasm rather than robust insight, and its rare that PR finds budget to test campaigns before launching them.

Without local market insight global PR campaigns don’t have a proper opportunity to work.

Most agencies have been on the receiving end of a brief to execute a campaign originated by a global team or agency in another market. And often the content doesn’t reflect the tastes, values, interests and perspectives of UK audiences.

To avoid being the originators of this kind of content it’s important to recognise the confines of our own perspectives.