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Despite the challenging start to the year, there have been some rays of sunshine to keep us going. From record sign-ups for veganuary to major brands helping to vaccinate or educate children remotely, brands and consumers are making progress towards creating a brighter 2021 and future.

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And for now, read on to discover some of our January highlights…

LEON launches carbon-neutral burger and fries

To kickstart the year, LEON became the first fast food brand to offer carbon-neutral burgers and fries. In line with its commitments to provide affordable food that tastes good, does good and is kind to the planet, LEON’s carbon neutral products will now help customers learn more about the environmental impact of their food and make more sustainable menu choices. The launch is not only a significant step for LEON, as it strives to achieve net zero by 2030, but also in encouraging the rest of the fast food industry to move towards more sustainability and transparency.

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Asda to donate 7,000 laptops to tackle digital exclusion and support kids in need learning from home.

With schools closed, there’s a major risk that children lacking in digital resources will be left behind. Asda, announced its plans to distribute thousands of free Dell laptops with Vodafone SIMs to help ensure all children can continue to learn online. Asda has invested £2 million to ensure each store can donate at least ten laptops to a school in need in their local community. Through the contributions of Vodafone and The Asda Foundation, each laptop will be pre-loaded with educational software and will come with a headset and 20GB of data allowance.

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Uber offers free trips to vaccination centres to help the most vulnerable receive their vaccine

As England races to vaccinate the top four priority groups by the middle of February, the taxi app, Uber, has stepped by ensuring that the most vulnerable can receive their vaccinations. Providing up to 28,000 vehicles, Uber pledges to offer free journeys of up to £15 to bring passengers to one of the seven mass vaccination centres closest to their local areas. Lots of brands are contributing to the vaccination effort by offering space and other resources but Uber’s decision really helps remove one of the barriers to vaccination.

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Unilever commits to ensuring all supply-chain workers are paid the living wage by 2030

And finally, Unilever has made a major pledge to ensure that every individual in its supply chain earns at least a living wage by 2030. The move comes as part of the push to improve living standards for low paid workers, embrace diversity, and offer opportunities to everyone, after what has been a year in which the poverty gap has widened further.

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