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It’s the end of January, our new year’s resolutions are in pieces so let’s get stuck into the crisps and chocolate with campaigns from Nestle and Walkers. To keep up to date with all the big brand news, text ‘Purpose’ to 07367897583 and receive our daily news round-ups.

Walkers to trial recycled plastic crisp packets amid plans to use fully recycled or renewable packs by 2030


Walkers and its parent company PepsiCo have brought us a beacon of hope in relation to our guilty pleasure. To address its notoriously problematic packaging, the company is planning to launch crisp packets made from recycled plastic. By 2030, PepsiCo aims to use 100% recycled or renewable materials in all of its snack packets to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 40%.

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Nestle to give cocoa farmers cash to keep children in school, tackling root cause of child labour


Nestle kicked off the year with a pledge to do better for people and the planet with a push to purchase all of its cocoa through a fully traceable, directly sourced supply chain by 2025. As part of the commitment, the company is launching an initiative which pays cocoa farmers if they send their children to school, supporting the education of kids and tackling child labour. Nestle’s new income accelerator programme is ambitious in targeting the root causes of child labour and the living income gap farmers and their families face.

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Morrisons to scrap ‘use by’ dates on milk to help reduce food waste


In a supermarket first, Morrisons announced in January that it will no longer label its own-brand milk with use by dates. Instead, milk will have a best before date and customers will be encouraged to use a sniff test to check the quality. Milk is the third most wasted food and drink product in the UK, with an estimated 490million pints tipped away every year. 85million of that is thought to be as a result of the use by date, despite milk often being good for days more when stored properly. Morrison’s decision should hopefully reduce wastage as well as unnecessary carbon being released, all with a simple sniff.

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Wickes launches ‘period positive’ campaign to end stigma around menstruation at work


In an unexpected move, Wickes this month launched a period positive campaign to create a more inclusive work environment. Dedicated to removing the stigma and stress around menstruation in the workplace, Wickes’ new campaign will see period products become available free of charge to staff members who need them. Wickes will also be educating staff on menstruation and encouraging them to be more period positive. The campaign is part of Wickes’ Balance for Better scheme for diversity and inclusion.

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