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As we reflect on another busy month, among other stories, we’re putting a spotlight on brands that have been guided by their core values to challenge and defy authority.

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Google says it will delete location history for visits to abortion clinics after overturning of Roe v. Wade


Last month we took a look at companies like Nike and Disney which, in the wake of the constitutional right to abortion being overturned in the US, pledged to reimburse employees forced to travel for reproductive healthcare. Now, we’re turning our focus to Google which announced in July that it will delete users’ location history if a visit to an abortion clinic is detected. This is a bold move to protect data privacy and access to abortions. Google called on other institutions from tech platforms to healthcare providers to recognise their shared responsibility to protect the public’s privacy.

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Nintendo to recognise same-sex partnerships for staff in Japan, despite country’s laws


In July, Nintendo announced that it will recognise same-sex partnerships for its staff in Japan, despite same-sex marriages being banned under Japanese law. Nintendo’s initiative ensures employees in a domestic partnership with a same-sex partner receive the same benefits as employees in an opposite-sex marriage. Nintendo also pledged to revise its policies to protect LGBTQ+ staff from harassment and discrimination. We’re glad to see companies taking action to protect and support their employees, even when the laws of a country don’t.

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Ben & Jerry’s sues parent company over Israeli deal ‘to protect social integrity’


A year ago, Ben & Jerry’s featured in our July 2021 highlights for its decision to cease sales of its ice cream in Israeli settlements in Occupied Palestinian Territory (OPT). We’re updating the story this month with the news that Ben & Jerry’s has sued its parent company Unilever, in response to its attempt to sell Ben & Jerry’s Israeli business to a local licensee. The ice cream brand made this move to “protect [its] social integrity” after deeming the sale of its ice cream in OPT to be inconsistent with its values, demonstrating a refusal to compromise on its core beliefs and morals.

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Boots encourages customers to be safer in the sun by stopping production of sun cream with low SPF


As part of its partnership with Macmillan Cancer Support to improve awareness of sun safety, Boots is stopping the production of its Soltan suncreams with an SPF lower than 50 for children and 15 for adults. The decision seeks to encourage customers to be safer in the sun, reducing the risk of developing skin cancer. With children’s skin particularly vulnerable to sun damage, Boots is supporting parents in their mission to protect their children.

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