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Businesses brought us some positive news in July, matching the optimistic mood as we finally made it to Freedom Day.

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Tesco launches new scheme with FareShare to feed children this summer


This month, Tesco launched its Buy One to Help A Child scheme in partnership with food redistribution charity FareShare. Running for three weeks from July 19th, the scheme sees Tesco donate a penny for every piece of fresh fruit or vegetable bought in its stores. Through the initiative, Tesco hopes to raise enough money for three million meals which will be distributed by FareShare. We think Tesco’s new scheme provides a simple and meaningful way for customers to support to vulnerable children facing food insecurity.

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Ben & Jerry’s to stop sales in occupied West Bank


Ben & Jerry’s announced in July that it would stop selling its ice cream in Israeli settlements in Occupied Palestinan Territory (OPT). In a statement, the brand said the sale of its ice cream in OPT was ‘inconsistent’ with its values. The statement alludes to the concerns of fans and trusted partners about the sale of Ben & Jerry’s in OPT. Ben & Jerry’s is well known for its activism, for example in support of the Black Lives Matter movement, and with this decision has once again shown that it is a brand willing to uphold its own moral code.

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Procter & Gamble announces first Lenor paper bottle


Last month, we put a spotlight on Unilever for its paper bottle prototype for its detergent brand Persil. This month, we are excited to see further progress in this area with P&G unveiling its first paper bottle for its fabric softener brand Lenor. Using Paboco’s paper bottle technology, the new Lenor packaging will be trialled in Europe next year with initial versions containing a thin recycled plastic barrier and later versions being 100% bio-based. We’re hoping the vision we shared last month, of shelves lined with innovative paper bottles rather than plastic, will be a reality in the near future if progress continues across brands.

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Unilever to launch carbon footprint labels for food


Another one from Unilever, this time it has announced the introduction of carbon footprint labels to its products. Responsible for 75,000 products, including Pot Noodle, Magnum ice-cream and Marmite, Unilever will badge its entire portfolio within the next five years, with a select range to be labelled by the end of the year. As the first global company to introduce this feature, Unilever is setting the tone for transparency and enabling customers to make informed decisions based on the environmental cost of products. We hope this trend will expand to encourage consumers to make eco-conscious decisions and motivate manufacturers to reduce their carbon footprints.

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