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Our top stories for June are a reminder that actions speak louder than words. We’re taking a closer look at what integrity looks like for big brands as they strive to defend and assert their core values.

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Big businesses pledge support to employees after US abortion ruling


Headlines were dominated in June by the landmark US Supreme Court ruling which saw the constituional right to abortion overturned. Last month, we put a spotlight on Levi’s which asserted, ahead of the ruling, that it would reimburse its employees if they had to travel out of state for reproductive healthcare and abortion. Following the ruling, Levi’s was joined by companies including Meta, Disney, Nike, Adidas and The Body Shop. Amidst all the shock, disappointment and fear that has come with the ruling, seeing so many brands come forward to support the abortion rights of their employees and pledge to pay staff travel expenses has been a beacon of hope.

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The Body Shop’s Pride campaign takes on anti-LGBTQ+ policies


June was Pride month and The Body Shop delivered on a bold and meaningful activism campaign, targeting anti-2SLGBTQ+ legislation. (In case it’s unfamiliar to you, 2S stands for two-spirit, referring to a person who identifies as having a masculine and feminine spirit – a term often used in Indigenous American communities).

In the US and Canada, The Body Shop tackled hateful and discriminatory legislation, including Florida’s ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill (Parental Rights in Education Bill) with the campaign proclaiming, “We don’t just say gay. We also say…” and inserting “bisexual” and “trans” among other options in solidarity with the 2SLGBTQ+ community. The Body Shop also encouraged people to visit its digital Pride Hub featuring educational resources and a petition for Congress to pass the Equality Act. A portion of each sale from The Body Shop Pride range was also donated to 2SLGBTQ+ charities.

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Aldi to add signs and symptoms of bowel cancer to all own brand toilet roll


In June, Aldi became one of the first supermarkets to join Bowel Cancer UK’s #GetOnARoll campaign, pledging to add the signs and symptoms of the illness to its own brand toilet roll packaging in an effort to raise awareness of the disease. Since Aldi joined the campaign, a number of other retailers have also signed up, including Waitrose and Asda. With the illness often curable if caught at an early stage but half of UK adults unable to name a single symptom – despite it being the second most common cause of cancer deaths in the UK – retailers raising awareness in this way is a milestone moment that will help to save lives.

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Mr Kipling owner Premier Foods offers range of transgender and menopause policies and training


In an effort to ensure its policies reflect and support its diverse and evolving workforce, Premier Foods announced in June that it would be offering trans inclusivity training to transitioning employees and their managers and online training on the menopause and maternity to all staff. Premier Foods will also offer any employee who is undergoing gender reassignment surgery or going through the menopause uncapped, paid time off. Elsewhere, Aldi also introduced a series of gender guides in June to support its transgender colleagues. We’re glad to see businesses actively building more inclusive workplaces in this way.

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