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June was another busy month with Cornwall hosting the latest G7 summit and brands turning their attention to the LGBTQIA+ community throughout Pride Month.

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Bumble and LVMH put staff wellbeing first


This month, Bumble gave its staff worldwide a paid week off from work to reduce their stress and enable them to focus on themselves. This came after staff were burnt-out following a busy period for the business, showing both care and sensitivity from the company. LVMH joined Bumble in demonstrating a commitment to the wellbeing of its staff by launching the LVMH Heart Fund, supporting employees facing emergencies or difficult personal situations. The fund was launched with an initial €30million to provide financial aid and psychological support for staff in need. We hope other brands will also make providing supportive and compassionate working environments a top priority.

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M&S launches inclusive range of ‘nude’ underwear


Back in March, we put a spotlight on Unilever for removing the word ‘normal’ from its beauty products to develop a more inclusive definition of beauty. Now, Marks and Spencer is confronting the limits of its own language by redefining the word ‘nude’ so that it reflects a broader range of skin colours, rather than only light pink and beige tones. By launching its ‘new neutrals’ underwear collection with more diverse shades of ‘nude’ underwear, M&S is making an important correction.

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HSBC partners Shelter to break the cycle of homelessness


This month, HSBC partnered with Shelter to launch its new ‘Vicious Circle’ campaign. The campaign highlights how the circumstances of homeless people are perpetuated with no home meaning they have no address, precluding them from having a bank account, which in turn bars them from securing a job. At this point the cycle repeats with unemployment leading to continued homelessness. HSBC is working to break this cycle by raising awareness of its ‘No Fixed Address’ bank accounts. In working to support some of society’s most vulnerable members, this is a great example of brand purpose having a meaningful impact.

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Unilever reveals ‘world’s first’ paper-based laundry detergent bottle


In an innovative effort to reduce plastic waste, Unilever has created a paper bottle prototype for its laundry detergent brand, Persil. Expected to launch in 2022, the bottles are made of sustainably sourced pulp and will be recyclable. Reimagining and reinventing packaging in this way is crucial as brands continue to pursue sustainable targets, with Unilever trialling the same technology for its haircare brands. We’re both hopeful for and excited by the prospect of seeing laundry and toiletry aisles lined with paper bottles in the coming years.

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