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This March marked the one year anniversary of our first Covid-19 lockdown, bringing with it plenty of reflection but also some moments of hope. Supermarkets have stepped up with Waitrose funding projects from Ghana to Cambodia in support of International Women’s Day and Morrison’s spreading some Easter joy to food banks. The sporting world has advocated for diversity and against hate with campaigns from Chelsea, Arsenal and Manchester United, while in the fashion world Hermès and Stella McCartney are advancing the use of sustainable mushroom-based leather.

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Unilever drops word ‘normal’ from beauty products


Back in January, we highlighted Unilever’s commitment to paying every member of their supply chain at least a living wage by 2030. Now, the company has turned its attention outward to establish a definition of beauty which is diverse and inclusive. Alongside a ban on the excessive editing of models’ sizes, shapes and skin colours, Unilever will remove the word ‘normal’ from their beauty products. In doing so, the company hopes to begin erasing the suggestion that abnormal features exist, whilst encouraging positive body image. We’re looking forward to seeing other beauty brands’ response to this move.

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Tesco rolls out soft plastic recycling in 170 stores across the UK


Following on from a big push in packaging reduction last year, Tesco is launching 170 soft plastic recycling points in stores across the UK. These recycling points accept crisp packets, bread bags, cling film and pet food pouches among other hard to recycle packaging. The recycled soft plastics will be used for new packaging thereby reducing the generation of virgin plastics. Anyone who has schlepped around large quantities of crisp packets trying to find a recycling point will welcome the news (yes, that’s us).

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Wilko launches recycling scheme for disposable face masks in UK high street first


Like Tesco, Wilko is taking steps to aid the reduction of waste, this time through an innovative scheme to recycle single-use face masks and prevent them from littering our streets or amassing in landfills. Recycling points for masks will be present in 150 Wilko stores where they will be collected and then stripped down to raw materials, going on to be used in anything from building materials to furniture. Wilko’s recycling scheme addresses a crucial need at the moment, providing a safe, responsible and sustainable way to dispose of used masks.

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MINI and Volvo Cars to go fully electric by 2030 as Uber introduces green option


This month’s announcements that both MINI and Volvo Cars will be fully electric by 2030 brings a real sense of meaningful change. Responding to an increasing demand for electric vehicles and pressure from the government, these decisions signal a shift towards a more sustainable future. Similarly, Uber’s introduction of a green option for all journeys which begin in London’s Zone 1 indicates an increased concern for the environment. The Uber green option enables passengers to select an all electric vehicle for their journey, encouraging them to make more eco-conscious decisions.

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