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March was another challenging month as headlines continued to be dominated by the Ukraine crisis, leaving many of us feeling pretty helpless. Some brands were quick to offer some beacons of light with support for Ukraine taking various forms, from major companies halting sales and services in Russia, to pledging donations for relief funds and care packages to Ukraine. We’re kicking off the round-up for this month with some more standout support for Ukraine.

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Airbnb to offer free housing to 100,000 Ukrainian refugees & Uber to offer free rides between Ukraine and Polish border


Last year, we put a spotlight on Airbnb for supporting Afghan refugees with free housing and, while it’s deeply upsetting that more people are being forced from their homes, it’s good to see the business stepping up again in March to offer free housing to 100,000 Ukrainian refugees. At the same time, Uber announced that it was offering unlimited free rides along the Ukrainian and Polish border to people fleeing Ukraine.

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England removed the names from their shirts in the second half of Switzerland friendly to raise awareness of dementia


In a friendly against Switzerland in March, England FC returned to the pitch in the second half with the names removed from the back of their shirts to raise awareness of dementia. The gesture highlighted how people with dementia lose vital and precious memories and the shirts from the match were then auctioned to raise crucial funds for the Alzheimer’s Society. We love this campaign for its simplicity.

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Boots to pay for team members’ HRT prescriptions as part of menopause package


In March, Boots announced that it will cover the cost of its team members’ hormone replacement treatment (HRT) as part of its menopause support package. Recognising that HRT is not for everyone, Boots has also introduced initiatives to tackle barriers, raise awareness and and support staff experiencing the menopause. This includes work guidance, counselling sessions and access to the ‘My Menopause Centre’. Women make up 80% of Boots’ UK workforce, around 8,600 of whom are currently in scope to access menopause treatment, making this move a great way to show how much they value their people.

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Currys launches recycling scheme for old electronic items


In an effort to tackle electronic waste, Currys launched a recycling scheme for old technology in March, incentivised by vouchers worth at least £5. The ‘Cash for Trash’ scheme sought to reduce the amount of technology that ends up in landfill every year by recycling, repairing and rehoming old devices. Recent figures indicate that there are around 527million pieces of unused tech being stored in homes across the country. As businesses and consumers alike focus on using resources more responsibly, this initiative from Currys is a great example of a business using expertise within its field to find innovative solutions.

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