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We’re kicking off with a story that got people talking this month, a brand that appeared to be shoehorning purpose into what would have been an good marketing/digitalisation story in it’s own right and felt the backlash. A helpful cautionary tale.

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Levi’s to use AI models to ‘increase diversity and sustainability’


In March, Levi’s announced it would collaborate with AI studio to supplement human models with AI-generated fashion models. The denim company said they planned to increase the number and diversity of its models for its products in a sustainable way. The AI studio will create ‘hyper-realistic’ models of varying body types, ages and skin tones. The move was subject to criticism that using AI models was a work around to using (and paying) actual models and creative staff to increase diversity within the brand.

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Hellmann’s teams up with charity Human Appeal to offer free food parcels this Ramadan


Hellmann’s launched a partnership with UK charity Human Appeal to offer free food parcels for those in need this Ramadan. The parcels, called ‘Iftar for All’, aim to help manage costs with food prices rising with new research showing two-thirds of practising Muslims are worried about the costs of Iftar meals. The boxes contain non-perishable items, halal food products, like dates and chickpeas, and mayonnaise. The initiative will roll out across major cities like London, Manchester and Birmingham.

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Sainsbury’s announces cardboard laundry detergent packaging


Sainsbury’s paved the way in March to become the first UK supermarket to switch their own-brand liquid laundry detergent packaging to cardboard cartons. The move will save 22 tonnes of plastic each year and is already available in stores and online. The supermarket has cited the packaging to be 35% lighter, able to be recycled kerbside or at recycling banks and reduce carbon emissions of this range by 50%. The announcement aligns with Sainsbury’s commitment to halve its use of own brand plastic packaging by 2025.

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