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Brand purpose has taken on new meaning against the backdrop of Coronavirus. Despite so many businesses facing an uncertain future, some have put their resources to good use, from food donations, to free accomodation, to manufacturing essential items. We’ve chosen just a handful that stood out to us for different reasons. If you’d like to keep up with how businesses are responding to the current climate text ‘purpose’ to 07367897583, for a daily round-up sent straight to your mobile.

Iceland sets aside an hour each morning to open just for elderly customers


Iceland was the first supermarket to open an hour early for edlerly and vulnerable customers. This initiative was led by West Belfast store manager, Danny Burke, after hearing and reading about the concerns of his customers. Seeing the reaction to this initiative and acknowledging the good sense behind it, other supermarkets soon followed Danny’s lead and have all rolled out priority opening times.

Louis Vuitton owner to make hand sanitiser at perfume factories


In March LVMH, owner of Louis Vuitton, announced that it will use its perfume factories to manufacture hand sanitiser. The brand pledged to deliver all sanitisers made in their factory free of charge to the French authorities and prioritised deliveries to the Assistance Publique-Hôpitaux de Paris, a University Hospital Trust. Since then, several luxury goods brands have joined the battle and started producing essential goods for hospitals and vulnerable groups. Discover more about their decision here –

Snapchat expands ‘Here for You’ mental health help tool to British users


Snapchat has brought forward the release of its ‘Here for You’ mental health tool to help users cope with heightened anxiety and stress during the coronavirus outbreak. The new tool allows users to seek guidance from official sources such as the WHO and the NHS, as well as offering tips on how to cope during this time. Users can access the information in the ‘Discover’ section of the app and are able to share with their contacts who may also need advice and support. Find out more here – 

Formula 1 teams join forces to help build more ventilators


Last month, McLaren, Redbull and five other UK-based Formula One teams joined forces to help design and manufacture life-saving ventilators needed by the NHS. With the F1 season currently on hold, the teams will divert their resources to produce the complex ventilators at pitstop speed. The teams are not alone, as various other companies are currently in discussions with the government to produce ventilators and offer support to the NHS.

Diageo launches £1m fund to cover bartenders’ wages


As the British hospitality industry faces one of its most challenging times in history, Diageo has stepped in to support the staff so dramatically impacted with a fund for pubs and bars to help pay staff wages. It’s a drop in the ocean compared to the financial support that’s needed but it might prompt other drinks manufacturers to lend their support to the many businesses potentially facing financial ruin – 

Playmobil creates video explaining Coronavirus to children


In these difficult times, it can be hard enough for adults to understand what is going on, never mind kids. Toymaker Playmobil tackled this by launching a video which explains the outbreak to young people, using toy figurines to capture their attention. The five-minute film explains why we have to stay inside, wash our hands more and not go to school. Read on here –