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Amongst cautious cuddles and shifts towards some semblance of normality, May delivered positive news from big brands. Read on to see which stories caught our eye this month and sign up for our daily Whatsapp broadcast by texting ‘Purpose’ to 07367897583.

Lego launches first LGBTQ+ set


This month, Lego announced the launch of its first LGBTQ+ set which uses the colours of the iconic Pride flag in addition to pale blue, white and pink for the transgender community, and black and brown to represent racial diversity within the LGBTQ+ community. Designer, Michael Ashton, drew on his own experience of growing up as an LGBTQ+ kid and being told to behave in a particular way. The inclusive Lego set rejects the notion that anyone should be anything other than their true self, and is brilliantly named ‘Everyone is Awesome’.

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Train company LNER encourages staff to drop ‘ladies and gentlemen’ in favour of more gender-inclusive language


Sticking with the theme of inclusion, LNER has this month urged staff to use more gender inclusive language on its services. In just a simple change of phrasing, the move promotes an environment which is more accommodating to those who identify as non-binary. The switch from ‘good morning ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls’ to ‘good morning folks’ or ‘hello everyone’ costs absolutely nothing but shows awareness and inclusivity. We welcome such changes and believe everyone deserves to be treated as valid and valued members of our society.

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Pandora to stop using mined diamonds


Pandora announced in May that it would stop using mined diamonds in its jewellery. Instead, identical stones will be created in a laboratory for use in Pandora jewellery. Pandora’s “Brilliance” collection features artificial diamonds and has been created using 60% renewable energy. Pandora is working to reach 100% renewable energy sources by the time the collection is launched outside of the UK in 2022. This decision from Pandora shows that luxury need not come at a high cost to the environment and we look forward to seeing whether other jewellery brands follow suit.

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Tesco permanently absorbs cost of VAT on sunscreen to make protection from skin cancer more accessible


Another month, another supermarket story. This time (and for a bit of a change) it’s Tesco absorbing the cost of VAT on all of its sun protection products, reducing prices by 20%. The move is just in time for sunnier weather and is a response to research conducted by the supermarket which found 29% of adults would wear sunscreen daily if it was cheaper. With sun cream offering protection against skin cancer and burns, Tesco’s decision puts safety first by making sun protection products more affordable.

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