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The year is racing by and it’s already time to lookback on on some campaigns in May we loved.

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Tena menopause advert wins Channel 4 Diversity in Advertising Award & £1million of free airtime


In May, Tena’s ‘Last Lonely Menopause’ campaign aired on Channel 4 after winning the broadcaster’s Diversity in Advertising Award. The advert tackles the realities of the menopause, rarely seen on TV, from rogue chin hairs and night sweats to hormonal mood swings and bladder weakness. Seeking to challenge ageism in advertising and break the silence around the menopause, the advert positions this life stage as a second coming of age. We hope to see more brands showing true representations of the menopause, raising awareness and tackling the stigma around this.

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Love Island stars to wear second hand clothes from eBay to encourage more sustainable shopping


Love Island can be polarising but, regardless of whether you love it or hate it, the show made a big impact when it announced the stars will be wearing second hand clothes this season for the first time. The move comes as eBay became the show’s fashion partner. The partnership aims to inspire change in viewers’ shopping habits, with Love Island having a significant fashion influence. As many become more conscious of the negative impact fast fashion has on the environment, extending the life cycle of clothes on such a big stage is a major step forward for circular fashion.

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Levi’s calls protecting reproductive rights a “business imperative”


Our next May highlight looks across the pond where universal abortion rights have been contested by the supreme court. Levi’s became one of the first brands to take a public stance on the matter in a blog post entitled “Protecting Reproductive Rights – A Business Imperative”. Levi’s has committed to providing reimbursement for its employees’ healthcare related travel expenses for services not available in their home state, including reproductive healthcare and abortion. We’re glad to see Levi’s making its voice heard and offering support to protect the wellbeing of its employees and, ultimately, human rights.

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Iceland to launch over-60s discount as cost of living soars


With grocery price inflation hitting 5.9% in April, an 11-year high, Iceland announced in May that it would be introducing a 10% discount for shoppers aged over 60. Launching from May 24th and with no minimum spend required, Iceland became the first UK supermarket to introduce such a discount. The move was motivated by research from Age UK which found that 75% of older people were worried about the rising cost of living. We’re hopeful that other grocers will follow suit to support senior shoppers.

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