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While the health and economic crisis continues, we’re still seeing creative examples of brands finding ways to support communities, causes and customers in need. What’s even more encouraging is many businesses are pressing on with purpose-led commitments or campaigns unrelated to the pandemic. Just this week over 200 big businesses called on the Government to ensure the recovery plan prioritises climate action. It’s inevitable that some businesses will focus on their most immediate and pressing issues for survival but those that put business purpose at the heart of their recovery will have the potential for longer term success. Read on to discover some of our May highlights…

Nike to donate over 32,000 pairs of specially designed shoes to healthcare workers


At the start of May Nike announced plans to donate 32,500 pairs of customised Air Zoom Pulse trainers to front line workers. The fit, with cushioning and traction systems, has been specially created to meet the needs of healthcare workers who have to spend hours at a time on their feet. Nike plans to partner with nonprofit organisation Good360 in the US and local organisations across Europe to ensure fair distribution globally. Discover more here –

Sky Media launches £1m fund to support 100 SMEs


Last month we highlighted the launch of a new ad platform from ITV allowing advertisers to broadcast non commercial messages of hope for reduced rates. This month Sky Media announced £1m of free ad time for small businesses. Sky is encouraging people to highlight the businesses in their local area that need support during this time and who would benefit from accessing broadcast advertising at a moment when TV consumption has significantly increased-

Twitter CEO donates $10 million to help prisons fight COVID-19


Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey, has donated $10 million to help prisons in the US fight the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. His donation was given to criminal justice advocacy group REFORM Alliance who have pledged to buy 10 million face masks and PPE for prisoners and other employees. The funds come from Dorsey’s personal $1bn charitable fund, #startsmall, which was launched back in April. The fund has started with COVID related donations but will shift its focus to women’s health and education as well as advancing Universal Basic Income –

Moonpig launches free postcards for mental health awareness week


During mental health awareness week, Moonpig launched a campaign to encourage people to contact those who may be struggling through the pandemic and lockdown. The company gave away 25,000 free postcards on the Moonpig site to encourage people to say the things that matter. The campaign has been supported by a series of videos highlighting how difficult it can be to make connections and provide friends and family with emotional support. Find out more here –

Crayola launches ‘Colours of the World’ crayon set to represent 40 different skin tones


Thanks to Crayola, childrens’ drawings can now properly reflect them and the world around them. Last month the company announced the launch of a new box of crayons called “Colours of the World” which it hopes will help “cultivate a more inclusive world for children of all ages, races, cultures and ethnicities.” The new colours have been created in partnership with Victor Casale, the current CEO of MOB Beauty and former exec at MAC Cosmetics and will include crayons that represent more than 40 different skin tones. Find out more here –

Iceland to redistribute surplus food to store colleagues to reduce waste


And finally, Iceland has pledged to redistribute surplus food to store colleagues. Iceland has committed to a 50% reduction of food waste across its operations by 2030 and most recently has launched a trial which sees surplus food given to store colleagues at closing time each day. This idea not only tackles food waste but will boost Iceland’s employer brand at a time when the spotlight is on how businesses with frontline workers are thanking and rewarding them –