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November was a quieter month but our standout stories are a reminder that meaningful brand action doesn’t need to be flashy. What really makes an impact is a willingness to defy the norm, a genuine commitment to doing right by stakeholders and the strength to stay true to brand values.

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eBay and Ikea promote a more sustainable ‘Green Friday’


The antidote to Black Friday, “Green Friday” has been gaining momentum among smaller retailers for a couple of years but not many of the big ones are willing to turn their back on the major revenue moment in the retail calendar. But for eBay this is ideal territory. The company promoted only second-hand or refurbished items during Black Friday sales, encouraging more sustainable shopping practices. Meanwhile, Ikea shunned Black Friday sales, instead enhancing its Buyback & Resell scheme which allows customers to sell furniture back to the store.

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Nurofen launches campaign raising awareness of gender pain gap as women’s pain often overlooked


In November, Nurofen launched a new campaign to raise awareness of the gender pain gap after research found that 1 in 2 women feel they have had their pain ignored or misdiagnosed for their gender. Nurofen’s ‘See My Pain’ initiative seeks to address medical biases in pain treatment to improve the understanding of women’s health and pain. With 1 in 6 women saying they experience severe pain every day, the new campaign from Nurofen is a great example of a brand initiative that is both extremely relevant and grounded in insight.

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KFC pledges one third of its workforce will be disadvantaged young people by 2030


Focusing on social mobility, KFC has pledged that by 2030 a third of its new staff will be young people who have faced barriers to employment. The fast food chain is committing to creating better life chances for young people from disadvantaged backgrounds by giving them more opportunities to work, develop skills, build their confidence and become managers. Launched alongside charity UK Youth, KFC’s ‘Hatch’ employability programme aims to support 6,000 16-24 year olds who have faced social, economic, domestic or mental health challenges.

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Co-op ditches Christmas advert this year to focus on community food bank project


We kicked off our November round-up with retailers shunning Black Friday promotions and we’re rounding off with The Co-op which has opted out of another retail staple – the Christmas advert. In an effort to raise awareness of community food projects amid 40-year high inflation, the Co-op has channelled the advertising spend for its Christmas campaign into a network of ‘Your Local Pantry Shops’ which offer food at discounted prices. As part of the initiative from The Co-op, TV Chef and Rapper Big Zuu and Presenter and Author Miguel Barclay are sharing tips to help families make groceries go further.

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