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This was the month the prime minister melted live on TV, the queen moved on from mink and a whole load of other fascinating things happened in the name of purpose. Read on to discover some of the stories that caught our attention this month or go one better and get a daily dose of goodness straight to your mobile each day by signing up to our WhatsApp broadcast. Just text ‘purpose’ to 07367897583.

Prada signs a £43m deal which incentivises the company to hit its sustainability targets


In an industry first, Prada signed a 5-year sustainability loan with Crédit Agricole Group. The terms of the deal are dependent on Prada achieving sustainability-driven targets including designated time for employee training, using a sustainable nylon substitute for garments and achieving LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification in a set number of stores. The deal has certainly set a benchmark for other fashion brands and we’re interested to see how competitors respond to the pledge. Find out more about Prada’s commitment here –

During Anti-Bullying Week, Instagram partners with charity Cybersmile and influencers Zoe Sugg and Chessie King to talk about banter vs. bullying


To mark Anti-Bullying Week, Instagram partnered with Cybersmile to encourage people to think about the fine line between banter and bullying. This influencer-led campaign was backed by comedian Mo Gilligan and uses social media stars, Zoe Sugg and Chessie King to educate users about their experiences of ‘Banter vs Bullying’. Cybersmile took the campaign one step further by sharing seven useful tips for blocking out negativity online, including modifying your privacy settings and filtering your comments section. Discover more here –

More than 300 clothing outlets opt out of Black Friday due to environmental concerns


As the Black Friday weekend draws to a close, shoppers across the world await delivery of their bargain boxes. However, certain retailers believe this shopping tradition is leading to “overproduction” and environmental damage. Instead they asked people to “Make Friday Green Again” by using their time spent purchasing new items to repair, reuse or sell existing items instead. The initiative, started in France was supported by over 300 brands who believe discounted deals encourage people to purchase things they don’t need. Will this be the end of the American shopping craze that’s totally swept our stores and redefined the retail calendar?

EasyJet announces it will be the first airline in the world to operate net-zero carbon flights by offsetting emissions


In the world of travel and tourism, easyJet announced plans to become the first airline in the world to offset carbon emissions from all its flights. To achieve this, the company has committed to investing £25m into environmental, renewable and community activities. They have also promised to support the development of hybrid and electric planes to provide a more sustainable mode of travel. Despite profit loss in 2018, easyJet has confirmed that the investment will not be funded by increasing flight prices. Find out more about the commitment here –

Morrisons partners with TooGoodToGo to sell discounted food past its ‘best before’ date


In another industry first, Morrisons announced it would begin selling food beyond its “best before” date. By partnering with leading food waste app, Too Good To Go, Morrisons is now offering £10 worth of produce for just £3.09 Shoppers have to order via the Too Good To Go app and won’t know what’s in their box until they collect them from stores, but options include fruit and veg, deli items and treats from the bakery. Morrisons claims the initiative will help customers on a budget while also cutting down food waste. It’s a thumbs up from us! –