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November was a big month as COP26 drew to a close. The summit brought hope through commitments like the move to phase out coal power but failed to deliver on other fronts, including offering sufficient support to vulnerable nations.

We are kicking off our top stories of the month with an unusual pick. Unlike the proactive positive initiatives and developments we usually spotlight, this month’s first story shows a reactive move from brands looking to distance themselves from the racism scandal that has rocked Yorkshire County Cricket Club. Read on to find out more about this decision and text ‘Purpose’ to 07367897583 to sign up to our daily news round-ups.

Sponsors including Emerald Group, Tetley’s and Yorkshire Tea to end Yorkshire County Cricket Club associations following handling of racism case


After an internal investigation by YCCC into allegations of racism made by Azeem Rafiq deemed the use of a racial slur to be “banter”, sponsors condemned the club’s actions. Companies including publishing house Emerald Group, Yorkshire Tea, Tetley’s and David Lloyds Clubs have ended or decided not to extend their partnerships with the club as part of a massive fallout which has also seen the club president and chief executive resign. Is this fear of being tarnished or genuine integrity and a desire to be aligned partners with shared values and ethics? We hope it’s the latter and if so we’ll expect to see some more proactivity and investment from these guys when it comes to inclusion and respect going forward.

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M&S makes £299 dresses available to rent for Christmas parties amid fast fashion concerns


This month, M&S has partnered with Hirestreet to trial a clothes rental service for a range of womenswear ahead of the Christmas party season. The trial is a bid to tackle the environmental issues created by throwaway fashion and will see items with selling prices of £69 to £299 available for four day rental from £13. We are excited to see a big brand like M&S making strides towards a more circular fashion economy and hope that the trial gives way to permanent change at M&S and also in the broader fashion industry.

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Expedia to stop selling holidays that include captive dolphin shows


In November, the travel company Expedia announced it would stop selling holidays that include performances by captive dolphins and whales. The move looks to protect and promote animal welfare by respecting the rights and needs of these creatures. Travel for many is a valuable and enriching opportunity to experience and enjoy new cultures and new places – including their wildlife. This decision from Expedia helps to ensure that tourists can engage with wildlife in a way that is ethical and safeguards the animals.

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Mars to produce UK’s first carbon neutral chocolate bar


Mars chose the week of COP26 to announce its plan to produce the UK’s first carbon neutral chocolate bar by 2023. Working to protect the environment, Mars predicts that across the UK, Ireland and Canada it will sell 220 million carbon neutral chocolate bars a year. Since 2015, the company has reduced its UK carbon footprint by 67%. As a nation of chocolate lovers, the promise of treats like this having a minimised environmental impact is exciting and will make enjoying a Mars bar that much sweeter.

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