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As we head into the final months of the year and the days get shorter and darker, we’re brightening things up with campaigns that do a little good. Here are our standout stories from October.

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Dove and Nike team up to build body confidence programme for girls


It’s rare to see two major global brands share the spotlight in joint campaigns but this month Dove and Nike have teamed up to help keep girls in sports by encouraging greater body confidence. The campaign was launched with research revealing that 57% of girls aged 12 drop out of sports, twice the rate of boys the same age, with body confidence as the main cause. To tackle the issue Nike and Dove have launched the Body Confident Sport programme which provides coaching tools to build body confidence in girls aged 11-17. Supported by Venus Williams, the programme will be delivered through a global network of organisations in schools and sports clubs.

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Hilton becomes first hotel chain to add carbon labels to menus


Hilton has become the first hotel chain to add carbon labelling to its menus in a bid to help customers make more sustainable choices. According to the travel giant, the new labels have led to an increase in the purchase of lower carbon footprint items such as fish finger sandwiches and plant-based burgers. Wahca was one of the first major UK chains to adopt the practice in the UK and soon after lots of others followed suit, so hopefully it won’t be long before we see this becoming the norm across the hotel sector.

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WHSmith launches book buyback service


Amidst a profit resurgence, WHSmith has partnered with buy-back service Zeercle across its high street stores to incentivise customers to trade in their pre-loved books for e-gift cards. The new initiative is part of the retailer’s commitment to championing literacy in local communities by making books more accessible and affordable. The scheme also reduces the business’s environmental impact by supporting a circular economy for books. This is one of the first campaigns we’ve seen from WHSmith in years so we’re hopeful it’s a sign the company is tuning into the issues that matter to customers.

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Tesco covers VAT on kids’ oral care products


In October, Tesco announced that it was covering the VAT across seven lines of children’s dental care products in its stores to help tackle tooth decay. The products, including toothpaste, mouthwash, and toothbrushes, are now available at a lower price to make essential dental care more affordable to parents. This news builds on Tesco’s previous initiatives covering the VAT on tampons and sunscreen at a time when many are feeling the strain of increased prices.

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