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There’s an election looming, the promise of a vaccine, a major UK commitment made to renewable energy and lots of good things happening in the world of brand purpose, so this month we’re letting ourselves feel hopeful.

To share some of that feel good, we’ve picked our highlights from October and to be honest, there was so much choice it was difficult to make the final selection.

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Homebase launches UK’s first “green aisle”

The news from Homebase of plans to launch a green aisle wasn’t met with huge fan fare (except at AW virtual HQ) but we believe this is a sign of things to come from retailers recognising the role they play in helping consumers make responsible choices. The green aisle and ‘green areas’ have been designed in collaboration with Smart Energy GB and will stock items such as insulation and environmentally friendly paint as well and information on smart meter installation. We predict that it won’t be long before the major supermarkets and retailers follow suit and Green or Responsible aisles become a common feature in shops across the country –

👗 ♻️  H&M brings ‘garment-to-garment’ recycling machines in-store –

Ikea launches new scheme to buy back unwanted furniture from customers

To coincide with Black Friday, Ikea has launched an initiative giving customers the chance to sell unwanted furniture back to the retailer, where it can then be sold again second-hand. When Ikea customers decide they no longer want an item of furniture previously purchased at the store, they will be able to sell it back in exchange for a voucher, the quantity of which will be added to an Ikea refund card which can be used at any time –

Apple to cut e-waste by removing chargers and headphones from iPhone 12 sales

We’re silencing our inner cynic to celebrate the fact that fewer unwanted phone charges and headphones will be headed to landfill following Apple’s decision to stop giving them away in the iPhone 12 – especially when you consider that there are currently 2bn of them in circulation. The company will undoubtedly make a financial saving from this move but it does come alongside other less controversial and consumer-penalising changes designed to help the company reach net zero by 2030 –

🛒 💚  Asda opens new pilot sustainability concept store –

Nike calls on Americans to ‘change the world’ in election voting push

Nike’s campaign, ‘You Can’t Stop our Voice’ aims to encourage disaffected Americans to get out and vote. As well as the TVC voiced by Regina King, the company has partnered with Lyft to give discounted rides to polling stations for voters in low turn-out areas and team up with not for profits to  provide essential voter information and resources –