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Our October round-up takes a closer look at four brands which have identified issues in need of our attention, grounded in research and insight. We’re kicking off with Dove’s unique Black History Month campaign.

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John Lewis Partnership announces plans to become employer of choice for young people leaving the care system


In October, John Lewis flagged that the 108,000 children in care across the UK today are three times less likely to be in education, employment or training by the time they reach 19 than their peers. Sharing a shocking statistic, the retailer also highlighted that young people in care are a third more likely to be made homeless than they are to go to university. Seeking to offer support to this vulnerable group, John Lewis has pledged to provide training and employment opportunities for young people who have been in care to prevent them being overlooked and improve their life chances.

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Dove helps black women reclaim their school picture day for Black History Month


For Black History Month, Dove conducted research which found that almost half of Black or mixed race women with Afro hair experienced race-based hair discrimination during their time at school, with one-third of Black women missing out on school picture day because of this. Dove’s ‘Reclaiming School Picture Day’ campaign includes a film giving 8 Black women the chance to directly share their experiences of race-based hair discrimination. By shining a light on the specific experiences of Black women, Dove is raising awareness of the anxiety they are made to feel about their hair and the treatment they experience from teachers and classmates while aiming to spark change.

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IKEA launches long-term partnership with Shelter housing and homelessness charity


IKEA’s new long-term partnership with housing and homelessness charity Shelter is a great example of true corporate social responsibility addressing immediate challenges. Together, the organisations will advocate for half a million people impacted by the housing crisis through a series of initiatives, while calling on the Government to build 90,000 social homes per year by 2030. IKEA and Shelter will train colleagues as ‘Life at Home Experts’ to help people in unstable housing situations to better understand their rights and keep hold of their homes. IKEA will also fund ‘Housing Rights Workers’ in Shelter advice hubs.

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Holland & Barrett trains over 4,000 menopause advisors and offers free consultations


Following research which found that two-thirds of women don’t talk about the menopause, with 61% citing fear of being judged or treated differently as the reason, Holland & Barrett announced it was training 4,000 staff as menopause advisors and launching hundreds of menopause advice rooms. Menopause advisors will be able to support women seeking help, creating a space where women can feel comfortable and confident about discussing their symptoms and experiences. This is especially valuable as one in three women say they have experienced a negative reaction when they have spoken about what they were going through and how they were feeling.

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