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This month, we’re looking at accessible grocery shopping, Black History Month celebrations and why one supermarket is giving away food. Scroll down for the brand stories which stood out to us in October.

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Tesco launches ‘Quiet Hour’ in stores for customers with disabilities


In October, Tesco announced the launch of a Quiet Hour across its stores from 9-10am every Wednesday and Saturday. During this time, Tesco stores will dim the lights and lower the noise of checkouts to create a less overwhelming experience for vulnerable shoppers. Tesco’s Quiet Hour aims to provide a calmer environment to help those with hidden disabilities such as autism as well as elderly people and those with young children. With nearly 20% of the UK’s population having a disability, it’s time more brands were conscious of how they can be more inclusive and accessible.

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TFL partners with Black Cultural Archives to create a reimagined tube map honouring the black people who shaped Britain


To mark Black History Month, Transport for London produced a special tube map in partnership with the Black Cultural Archives. The stations on the map were replaced with the names of black figures who influenced British history, including figures such as Mary Seacole, and fashion designer Joe Casely Hayford. Giving each tube line a theme, like campaigners for the Northern Line and LGBTQ+ figures for the Jubilee line, the reimagined map highlights and celebrates the significant contributions of black people to the nation’s history.

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TikTok spotlights Black creatives to mark Black History Month


Also celebrating Black History Month, TikTok launched a campaign spotlighting black creatives. Featuring leading black TikTokers from all corners of the platform, including DJs, food vloggers and activists, #ThisIsBlack included in-app and out of home activity. The campaign also promoted educational content with a TikTok Unpacks Live panel teaching users about microaggressions and racism. The #ThisIsBlack initiative was a valuable move from TikTok, aiming to drive better representation for black creators.

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Iceland will give away free food to shoppers to cut food waste


In October, Iceland launched its Free on Last Day of Life scheme to reduce food waste and lower its environmental impact. The scheme means that food products on the last day of their shelf life will be given away for free to online shoppers. Expected to give away more than 1.3million items worth £500,000 a year to customers, the bold new initiative offers customers a chance to reduce the cost of their weekly shop while also reducing food waste.

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