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In the month that saw the largest environmental protest in history, we launched a daily WhatsApp broadcast of key news stories in the world of sustainability and responsible business. Throughout the month, we’ve highlighted dozens of purpose-driven initiatives, particularly by businesses who are under pressure to change and operate more consciously.

For anyone who hasn’t signed up yet, here’s a round-up some of the stories that got us talking.

Lego asks society to ‘Rebuild the World’ in first brand campaign for 30 years


In its first campaign for 30 years, Lego came back with a banger. They remained true to their brand by tapping into kids passion points and encouraging play. The campaign titled, ‘Rebuild the World’ encourages society to reflect on how they could make the world a better place while also empowering the creative abilities of children to inspire a better future. Read more about the campaign here –

Google adds ‘green Maps’ feature to encourage low-carbon travel


Perhaps inspired by Greta Thumberg’s epic zero carbon journey across the Atlantic, Google’s latest tech innovation places sustainable travel in the hands of the user. Their new feature ‘green Maps’ is unique to the Google Maps service, providing users with easy access to eco- friendly travel options. This feature will be rolled out in 30 different countries in the coming weeks, so make sure to keep an eye out! Find out more here –

This month’s recyclable packaging innovations


With so much focus on problem packaging, a number of brands are working on new initiatives to reduce single-use plastic. This month kicked off with Asda announcing trials of plastic-free packaging which also supports the reduction of food waste. The technology, developed by Apeel Sciences, has the potential to triple the shelf life of a variety of fruits and vegetables. Morrison’s has attempted to tackle the confusion around recycling by launching new product labels which encourage shoppers to bring plastic back to store to be recycled. And finally, a UK graduate invents a bioplastic made of organic fish waste as an alternative to single-use plastic. Discover more about these initiatives and innovations – , ,

Burger King commits to removing plastic toys from children’s meals


This month, Burger King made a statement by removing all plastic toys from children’s meals. Their decision to do this was arguably a response to heavy criticism from petitioners to reduce needless plastic waste. But Burger King went further by encouraging customers to bring in old promotional toys, to be melted and made into other items. Read more about their decision here –

IKEA launches ‘The Stuff Monster’ campaign to shake off negativity around reusing old furniture


IKEA’s new campaign, ‘The Stuff Monster’ has been largely praised for helping to tackle our throwaway culture. The ‘monster’ acts as a CGI metaphor for sustainability, illustrating how society can let their unwanted items live on. A simple and effective message that also happens to chime with our next choice… –

Oxfam launches #SecondhandSeptember to promote sustainable fashion


Oxfam tackle the sustainability issue within the fashion industry, with their new initiative #SecondhandSeptember. The aim of the campaign is for consumers to reduce their impact on the environment by pledging to not buy any new clothes for the entire month. The 30-day moratorium aims to inspire long-term behavioural changes which will lead to a more sustainable future. Find out more about the campaign here –

‘Steal our staff’ campaign by Beco aims to raise awareness of the Disability Employment Gap


And last but not least, social enterprise, BECO, urged companies to poach it’s staff in a new campaign which aims to raise awareness of the Disability Employment Gap. This clever approach to advertising challenges stereotypes while also encouraging businesses to reevaluate their recruitment process. Discover more about the campaign here –