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It was a quieter month as brands and businesses continue to wrestle with major challenges resulting from the pandemic. But there were still encouraging signs that the business world isn’t abandoning course when it comes to purpose and doing less harm. Here are some of the stories that caught our eye in September.

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Primark unveils sustainable clothing range which is made from recycled material

Budget clothing retailer Primark has launched the campaign, ‘Time For Change. A Better Future’, to encourage sustainable everyday options for consumers. The launch features classic pieces that will stay on-trend, made using at least 35% recycled polyester and sustainable cotton, as well as recycled plastic bottles and other waste plastic. Photographed by acclaimed British and fashion photographer Rankin, the featured products more than double Primark’s current offering of items made from recycled materials to 40 million.

Ben and Jerry’s launches new flavour to fight climate change

Activist icecream maker Ben & Jerry’s, has launched a campaign in the UK, re-releasing one of its most popular non-dairy flavours renamed ‘Save Our Swirled Now!’. The new packaging and campaign aims to pressure world leaders to create a more sustainable future by banning fossil fuels. The launch subsidies with Ben & Jerry’s long-term brand activism messaging, often with passionate call-to-actions, with previous communications surrounding the environment, sustainability, gender equality and LGBTQ+ non-discrimination.

Bumble aims to amplify Black love with #MyLoveIsBlackLove campaign

Bumble is recognising and amplifying Black love throughout its Black History Month campaign, #MyLoveIsBlackLove. According to the company’s research 79% of Black people in the UK think there is a lack of relatable images and stories about dating as a Black person, so the campaign aims to better represent the breadth of Black love in a real and uniquely British way. Partnering with Metallic Inc and British artists, actors, athletes, entrepreneurs and activists, Black British voices will share their real, unscripted reflections on what love means to them. Co-founder of Metallic Inc, Grace Ladoja MBE says, “It is important to celebrate Black love in all forms, from relationships to self-love and especially Black joy which is often excluded from the media or stereotyped”.

Sir David Attenborough joins Instagram to warn ‘the world is in trouble

And finally, Sir David Attenborough has taken the leap to spread his messages even further by joining Instagram. “I am making this move because, as we all know, the world is in trouble,” he said in his first video message. Within an hour of his initial post, Attenborough had acquired 200,000 followers, quickly growing to 1.2 million later that day, now sitting at 5.6 million followers two weeks later. Sir David says he will use the platform to share videos with the world to explain “what the problems are and how we can deal with them”.