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Although September wasn’t the biggest month for news, we still saw signs that businesses are striving towards a more promising future. And every initiative to reduce single-use plastics, like Morrisons banning plastic packaging from bananas, and every science-based net zero pledge, from Asos to Marriott Hotels, is valuable enough to keep us optimistic.

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British Airways operates passenger flight using recycled cooking oil


This month, British Airways operated its first passenger flight powered by sustainable aviation fuel (SAF), made partly from recycled cooking oil. The use of SAF, an optimised flight path and electric airport vehicles meant that the flight from London to Glasgow produced 62% less CO2 emissions than it would have a decade ago. Although the flight still produced 6.4tonnes of CO2, which was offset by BA, these strides towards more sustainable air travel provide a glimpse of a greener future.

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Accountancy giant KPMG to recruit more working class staff


This September, KPMG turned its focus inwards by setting the target of increasing its number of partners and directors from “working class backgrounds” to 29% by 2030, compared to 23% of partners and 20% of directors currently. KPMG revealed an 8.6% pay gap for employees from working class backgrounds and announced it will also train its staff to understand the impact of socio-economic background on career development.

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TalkTalk offers jobseekers six months free broadband


To support jobseekers, TalkTalk this month announced a programme with the Department for Work and Pensions that aims to remove barriers to employment by tackling digital exclusion. The pandemic led to many services shifting online, including training and other support jobseekers often rely on. The new TalkTalk scheme supports jobseekers by offering them free access to unlimited broadband, usually worth £23 a month. By providing essential internet access to those searching for employment, TalkTalk is preventing digital exclusion from inhibiting jobseekers across the country.

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Sky and Tottenham partner for world’s first major net zero carbon football game against Chelsea


This month, Tottenham Hotspur made history by hosting the first net zero football match in a major league. Partnering with Sky and COP26, Tottenham planned #GameZero so that emissions associated with the match would be minimised. The Spurs football team and opponents Chelsea travelled via biofuel coaches, while fans and staff were encouraged to use public transport or cycle to the stadium. With plant-based food on sale and players using cartons instead of plastic bottles, #GameZero aimed to educate the football industry and fans, whilst encouraging them to make climate-conscious changes.

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