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With party conference season about to kick it could be tempting to despair but don’t! We’re here to bring you mood lifting news.

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The Body Shop removes gender segmentation from UK stores


The Body Shop has undergone it’s own makeover to highlight the gender neutrality of its range. The company has removed gender segmentation in its phsyical stores. While the brand will still label some products as ‘for men’ it will stop grouping them together in store to ensure that the store is actively encouraging the ethical values it promotes. This is a great step in the right direction and one which we hope inspires others to do the same.

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Pinterest changes its search algorithm in the name of body diversity


Pinterest is tackling biases built into social media platforms by changing its algorithm so that users searching for women’s fashion will see a wide range of body types and skin tones. Until now, users would have to specify in their search if they wanted to see a particular body type. But Pinterest hopes that this change will ensure they are fully representing the diversity of womens bodies and make this online space a more positive and inclusive one.

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TikTok starts selling secondhand tech


Cotniuing it’s expansion from social to shopping platform, TikTok has launched a new “refurbished technology” section which allows users to buy used and refurbished tablets and mobile phones. As part of its commitment to sustainable tech, TikTok is working in partnership with software companies to encourage customers to buy second-hand products with the knowledge that they have been properly tested.

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Ant and Dec helping to tackle decline of children’s mental health in ITV campaign


Ahead of World Mental ealth Day in October Ant and Dec have been drafted in to front the latest iteration of ITV’s mental health campaign Get Britain Talking. This year the campaign is focussing on the mental wellbeing of children by encouraging. The campaign is calling on schools to set a omework task designed to encourage children to open up about the things that are worrying them. According to data from the NHS, mental Health has declined in almost 40% of school children, so its really good to see ITV using its incredible reach to kick off more conversations among young people.

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