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When Brits needed a break from reading, watching, tweeting and talking about TV presenters, there was plenty of uplifting news they could turn to. In case you missed that too, here’s our round up from June.

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Cult Beauty announces restrictions on airbrushed models


This month saw Cult Beauty take a stand against airbrushed models in order to tackle the negative impact of filtered images on young people’s mental health. The ‘Can’t (Re)Touch This’ campaign is starting a movement towards healthier attitudes on beauty standards, a much needed change in the beauty industry. We hope to see other brands take the same stand so that the beauty industry becomes a more inclusive place.

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Iceland partners with Prostate Cancer UK to raise funds this fathers day


This Father’s Day there were more brands raising awareness of men’s health than ever before. One example was Iceland who collaborated with Prostate Cancer UK to raise awareness and money for men impacted by prostate cancer. Iceland is a longer standing partner of the charity through its Foods Charitable Foundation (IFCF) donating £1m to the cause since 2008. We can’t think of a better way to mark the day.

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Deliveroo funds thousands of meals for LGBTQ+ homeless community


To mark Pride Deliveroo announced they were giving away free meals in collaboration with LGBTQ+ youth homelessness charity the Albert Kennedy Trust (AKT). This programme spaned 10 restaurants throughout the UK including six LGBTQ+ owned restaurants, “I’m a friend of Dorothy” or “Dorothy” unlocked a free main meal, no questions asked.

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