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As we embrace the festive vibe, here are our favourite feel-good stories from November. Enjoy these moments of kindness and innovation that make the season brighter.

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Swedish fashion brand launches emissions receipts alongside monetary receipts


When we look at our shopping receipts, especially as the cost of living remains high, there’s often a moment of reflection where we wonder whether the purchase justifies the cost. Now, sustainable fashion brand Asket is taking this moment of reflection to a new level by launching emissions receipts. Featuring calculations on water usage, CO2 emissions, energy consumption, and the impact of packaging and shipping, the new receipts aim to improve customers’ awareness of the environmental cost of their purchases. The new campaign sees Asket adapt the recent trend of carbon labeling which we’ve seen from restaurants including Wahaca and Hilton Hotels, and we’re hopeful other brands will get on board.

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Lidl unveils Christmas jumper rental service with in partnership with Rotation


The budget supermarket has launched a new campaign supporting NSPCC where customers can rent seasonal jumpers. Perfect for if you need a festive piece of clothing for upcoming holiday events. All profits are being donated to the charity, and all the jumpers created by Lidl between 2020 and 2023 are available to rent, with three new designs also being added to the collection. This new partnership with the fashion rental app Rotation means Lidl is helping to curb the need for one-off purchases of seasonal outfits. Everybody has bought a Christmas jumper for that work party that never sees the next festive season, so now you have the option to rent one for your holiday parties and do your part in saving the planet.

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Dove champions inclusivity in gaming with the first coding guide for textured hairstyles


Once again, Dove is taking the lead on representation. The personal care brand has partnered with Open Source Afro Hair Library to launch the first guide to coding for textured hairstyles. The guide has been created by black artists in response to 85% of black gamers stating they don’t believe video games properly represent textured hair. The guide comes with step-by-step instructions and a 360-degree photo so that developers everywhere can ensure proper representation of different hair types.

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The Perfume Shop launches UK’s first multi-brand refill station


In a UK first, the Perfume Shop has launched a refill station with some of the nation’s favourite perfumes. Previously, we have seen refill stations popping up across supermarkets and In this new partnership with beauty brand L’Oreal, The Perfume Shop is now able to provide more sustainable and environmentally friendly options for customers. The available perfumes range from Prada to Mugler. Within the scheme, customers can return empty perfume bottles to any of the retailer’s stores and receive 15% off a fragrance of their choice. The returned bottles are then recycled and made into chandeliers for The Perfume Stop stores. So double the sustainability! Let’s hope we start to see more refill technology emerge across other retail and consumer sectors throughout 2024.

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